Micro-organism collection kit Bio-Swab CS-60C
Confirmed Technology and Quality for Specialized Scientific Field
Vital Partner for Regenerative Medicine made in Japan

Appealing Points:

CS-60C is cleanroom version of CS-50 (general environment use)
Test results of CS-50 shown below

  • Bio-film extraction of inside of piping
  • Manufactured in Class 100 cleanroom with dust proof label
  • High yield collection capabilities with micro-flocked tip and flat handle
  • Sterile swab container ensuring no environmental contamination
  • Use period 2 years post-manufacture

Extension handles are available. Customized swabs are available.


Extraction Test Results

The number of viable bacteria captured on the swab was measured after  extraction.

1.Test Swabs:

A: Bio-Swab CS-50

B: Competitors Swab

2.Test Method:

  • Bio-film of Lactobacillus Plantarum was formed using extracted liquid from non-glutinous rice.
  • Extractions of each swab were performed 5-times vertically and 5-times horizontally with approximately 500g on the 5cm2 surface of the bio-film.
  • Testing was performed with 5 different and individual swabs from each company.
  • Total numbers of viable bacteria captured per swab were measured.
  • Captured viable bacteria comparison was performed after statistical processing of data, as illustrated in the bar chart below.

Packaged Contents

Sample availability

Samples of 100 swabs and containers in a box are available at 50,000 Yen delivered to the post office in Japan basis

Delivery Lead Time

Normally one week after the confirmation of advanced payment until the delivery to the post office in Japan

Target Business

  • Collection of environment bacteria at regenerative medicine
  • Collection of bio-film containing bacteria adhered to the piping in pharmaceutical factory

Payment methods & conditions

100% payment in advance in Japanese Yen by Telegraphic transfer


Company name ACTiS- Specialty SWAB Manufacturer
PICMr. Hitoshi Gotoh
Telephone number+81-88-624-7182
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