Assist-suits that can support the workplace movement and muscle strength. Fabric-based, soft and wearable exoskeleton suits.

Front: DARWING “Hakobelude” (DARWING BACK 01)

Back: DARWING “Hakobelude” (DARWING BACK 01)


Appealing Points:

  • “Hakoberude” (DARWING BACK 01) is an assist-suit for workers that is light in its weight, flexible, and easy to put on and remove.
  • It was developed based on the know-how that a medical supply manufacturer has cultivated to accommodate the motion of the workers.
  • By using a combination of special high resilience rubber along with our original pneumatic artificial muscles, it can assist the lifting and half-sitting position work at workplaces.
  • Weight: Light (approx. 800g) (other typical exoskeleton suits are over 4kg)
  • Flexible: No hard material is used, and easy movement is pursued.
  • Two functions: special high resilience rubber + (pneumatic) artificial muscles
  • No power source required.
  • No limit on operating time
  • Easy installation: Optional parts for increased versatility (icing cell on the back for heat protection, corset for lower back care)


Special high resilience rubber belts are placed on the upper and lower body to support the whole-body using expansion and contraction of the rubber. By squatting down and flexing the upper body, the elastic belts are pulled from behind and naturally raise the upper body.

In addition, artificial muscles are placed in the lower half of the body, which contract and exert power just like human muscles when air is pumped into them. It works to help the muscles in the back that people use to maintain a mid-back posture.

The total weight is about 800g (L size), which is 1/6 of that of other electric-powered products. It is designed to be as thin as a piece of clothing and does not require recharging, making it easy to work in tight spaces. It does not interfere with complex movements such as turning backwards, getting on and off forklifts, sitting on a chair, etc. while wearing it. It can be used at any time and any place.



  • Size L: Height: 170-185cm Chest: 80-110cm Thigh circumference: 50-70cm
  • Size M: Height: 155-170cm Chest: 75-100cm Thigh circumference: 45-60cm
  • We are currently designing an XL size.

Principal use

For customers in warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, nursing care, and other labors that require a lot of work in a severe posture such as carrying heavy objects or maintaining a mid-back posture.

Sample availability

  • Available with charge

Delivery Lead Time

  • Lead time shall be discussed (depending on the order amount)

Target customers

We are looking for such a business partner in your country:

  • A distributor who sells exoskeletons for the industrial use
  • A company who wants to engage in employee care at a workplace.

Payment methods & conditions

  • Full advanced payment by Bank Transfer


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