Micro-organism collection kit Bio-Swab CS-60C

    Product: Micro-organism collection kit Bio-Swab CS-60C

    Micro-organism collection kit Bio-Swab CS-60C

    Confirmed Technology and Quality for Specialized Scientific Field

    Vital Partner for Regenerative Medicine made in Japan

    kit product

    Appealing Points:

    ・CS-60C is cleanroom version of CS-50 (general environment use)
       Test results of CS-50 shown below

    • Bio-film extraction of inside of piping
    • Manufactured in Class 100 cleanroom with dust proof label
    • High yield collection capabilities with micro-flocked tip and flat handle
    • Sterile swab container ensuring no environmental contamination
    • Use period 2 years post-manufacture

    Extension handles are available. Customized swabs are available.




    Extraction Test Results:

    The number of viable bacteria captured on the swab was measured after  extraction. 

    1.Test Swabs:

    A: Bio-Swab CS-50

    B: Competitors Swab 

    2.Test Method:

    • Bio-film of Lactobacillus Plantarum was formed using extracted liquid from non-glutinous rice.
    • Extractions of each swab were performed 5-times vertically and 5-times horizontally with approximately 500g on the 5cm2 surface of the bio-film.
    • Testing was performed with 5 different and individual swabs from each company.
    • Total numbers of viable bacteria captured per swab were measured.
    • Captured viable bacteria comparison was performed after statistical processing of data, as illustrated in the bar chart below.

    bio film 001

    test result

    Packaged Contents:

    package content

    Sample availability:

    Samples of 100 swabs and containers in a box are available at 50,000 Yen delivered to the post office in Japan basis

    Delivery Lead Time:

    Normally one week after the confirmation of advanced payment until the delivery to the post office in Japan

    Target Business:

    • Collection of environment bacteria at regenerative medicine
    • Collection of bio-film containing bacteria adhered to the piping in pharmaceutical factory

    Payment methods & conditions:

    100% payment in advance in Japanese Yen by Telegraphic transfer

    Contact Firm:

    Name: Mr. Hitoshi Gotoh, ACTiS CO., LTD.

    Address: 308-6 Nakagirai Aza Fukuyuu Kaitaku, Matsushigechou Itanogun, Tokushima Pref., JAPAN 771-0212

    Phone#: +81-88-624-7182

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