“Catch-Master Pro CERBERUS” Security gears to restrain and catch trespassers, burglar, and intruders

    Product: In one blow push and catch baton “Catch-Master Pro CERBERUS” (A Guardian Deity for Gate of Hell in Greek mythology)

    atch-Master Pro CERBERUS
                              “CERBERUS”                     Head of CERBERUS made of flat springs


    This is;
    ・ a special push and catch baton that can strike a deadly blow and deprive a trespasser of his freedom of movement in one blow.
    ・an useful catching gear even in some open space without any wall.
    ・an unique patent product received an award of the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency of Japan in the year of 2011.

    This is an application gear of the flat spring mechanism that can restrain the trespasser safely apart from him in order to deal with the case in 5 to 10 minutes from calling a police man until relieving.

    In addition, this product can be added on an ordinary push and catch baton, named SASUMATA.

    Appealing Points:

    1.This can catch a trespasser in one blow by hitting a part of his body with the head made of a flat spring.

    2.Differently from the ordinary push and catch baton (named SASUMATA), the handling persons can be apart from the trespasser after catching him.

    3. As this tool is very simple and easy to handle and the operation is intuitional, the installation of this gear is effective for the prevention of a crime in the commercial establishments and educational institutions etc.

    4. Because this gear is specialized to deprive a trespasser of his freedom of movement without giving him any big physical damage, it can prevent the occurrence of excessive self-defense.


    The fundamental procedure to handle this gear is shown as below. Two or more operators shall involve in catching one trespasser.CERBERUS

    Catching is completed by hitting the trespasser with the head of this gear. Because the head and SASUMATA are separable instantly, the operators can keep a safe distance from a trespasser with some deadly weapon.CERBERUS

    The flat fastener engaged with strong force is very difficult to be released with one-man’s power. After restraining the feet of the trespasser, it is possible to deprive him of his freedom of movement even by two women.CERBERUS

    It is also possible to hit him with only a head of the gear without SASUMATA. In this case, a person on the front side shall try to get traspasser’s attention with SASUMATA, and the other person on the rear side shall hit him with the head of the gear.CERBERUS

    Sample for usage

    schoolCrime prevention of educational institution such as school
    pro7Counter of administration
    pro8Counter of bank and hospital

    Crime prevention of educational institution such as school Counter of administration Counter of bank and hospital
    As the operation of this gear is intuitional comparing with ordinary SASUMATA, the installation of this gear is effective for the prevention of a crime in the commercial establishments and educational institutions etc.

    1.Using a base to hang on a wall surface, it is effective as a visible counter-measure for crime prevention.
    2.Using the exclusive rope of CERBERUS, it is possible to make the trespasser lose his balance without approaching him.


    1) This gear can be used more than 4,000 times repeatedly.
    2) This gear doesn’t get rusty, is durable and washable.
    3) The head of this gear weighs 1.7 kg, width 10cm, and length 162cm.
        SASUMATA part weighs 1.35 kg, width 50cm, and length 134~212.5cm 

    Sample availability:

    available with charge 

    Delivery Lead Time:

    within 45 days ex-works after payment 

    Target customers:

    Police office, Coast guard
    Security guard company
    Counter of administration
    Educational institution such as school
    Commercial establishment
    Counter of bank and hospital

    Payment methods & conditions:

    100% payment in advance 

    Contact Firm:

    Name: Sano Kiko Co.

    Address: 170-4 Imaizumi-cho, Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi-Prefecture, 321-0962, Japan

    Phone#: +81-(0)285-82-4522 (Mr.Takemitsu.Sano)

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