Torque Circulation Type Powertrain Test Stand MRP-10 for fatigue strength, endurance test and efficiency evaluation test for the powertrain

    Product: Torque Circulation Type Powertrain Test Stand MRP-10

    MRP 10

    MRP 10a
    Outline of MRP 10

    This product provides the fatigue strength, endurance test and efficiency evaluation test for the powertrain (driveline, drivetrain) system units of the transportation machines such as cars, motorcycles, constructional vehicles and agricultural vehicles etc.

    The main components of the product are a driving motor for the test object, a torque generation system for torque loading, torque meters (with a number of revolution detector) , gear boxes and connecting axes which connect these components in a loop.

    Because of this configuration, the test stand has small dimensions and is very compact in the outlook.

    This test stand connects the incoming side axis of the test object with the outgoing side axis of the test object, feeds the load torque in this closed loop and leads the whole loop to motoring.

    Appealing Points:

    1.The test stand is equipped with Torque circulation type system, so can be driven by a small capacity of motor.

    Different from a test bench with an aligned construction, a torque circulation system can continue on-load operation of a large output capacity using a small capacity of motor without installing a large capacity of motor and dynamometer.

    Because of its energy saving operation, the test stand is so called an economical life-time evaluation system. Regarding the outline of this test system, please refer the following drawing.

    diagram torque
    Schematic diagram of this test system

    2. Our original torque generating system enables to change the torque in a wide range, and enables to set up the different operating conditions (load torque and number of driving revolution) which are independently and continuously variable.

    Moreover, our original torque generating system has realized high controllability over a wide range of the test condition.

    3. High controllability enables to set up the testing torque value voluntarily. We can input various operating conditions of an actual run in advance, and execute the automatic pattern operation on this base.


    In order to execute reliability evaluation and life-time evaluation of the parts of a powertrain system, it is necessary to execute an endurance test on load and during a long time interval.

    However, a fatigue break-down of these parts in a test object do not necessarily happen while continuous operation under the max. operating load and number of revolution, so except the max. load continuous operating test, many kinds of endurance tests shall be executed such as the pattern operation endurance test, the operation test with quick speed-up and down, and moreover the operation test under low and high temperature condition etc.

    Our product has been developed to conform to the customer's requirement to execute the endurance test in a long time interval easily and efficiently.

    The torque circulation type test system is so configured that the input side axis and output side axis of the test object can rotate synchronized, these are coupled mechanically and loaded with the torque in a closed loop, and then a motor drives the whole loop.

    For this reason, the driving motor may have small enough capacity to feed only lost power in this closed loop, and so the sizes of this system may be small and compact, the electric power consumption also may be low.

    This system adopts an endlessly rotating variable torque loading system, and so can be applied to the loading test with variable torque such as pattern endurance test, and also be applied to the test of an test object with slight slip such as CVT belt.

    MRP-10 type is applied to the tests for transmission assembly, MRP-20 type is for a single body of paired gears and MRP-30 type is for CVT belt etc.


    spec torque

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    Delivery Lead Time:  180 days ex-works

    Target customers:

    Research and development departments of automotive manufacturers(such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, etc.)

    Payment methods & conditions:

    50% in advance, 40% FOB (T/T),
    10% within one month after reception inspection

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    Name: Space Creation Co., LTD.

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