Journal Bearing Type Tribometer TMJ-10 for friction measuring, lubricant system evaluating test and fatigue strength, endurance test

    Product: Journal Bearing Type Tribometer TMJ-10



    The outlines of Journal Bearing Type Tribometer

    This product is suitable for the friction measuring, lubricant system evaluating test and fatigue strength, endurance test etc. which is applied for various machine systems.

    It is targeted to meet to test such journal bearings as the roller bearings (ball, roller and needle bearing etc.) and slide bearings(journal metal and thrust metal etc.) , and can execute the tests under various load conditions such as dynamic and static load, radial, axial and compound load.

    Because of these characteristics, our product enables to perform not only the model test but also the operation test under almost same condition as actual operation.

    The main components of this product are a test bathtub with the test object supporting journal bearings, a driving motor and a loading unit, so enable to test under voluntary load condition and various number of revolution.

    Appealing Points:

    1.This product enables to monitor the amount of wear-out and occurrence of a crack in real time.


    2.This product enables to test under various lubricating conditions, and the surrounding condition for the journal bearings can be chosen from the alternatives such as dry surroundings, grease injection, dipping (oil bath) and forced lubrication.

    Regarding lubricant, oil temperature can be adjusted on voluntary temperature with a temperature regulator.

    test lubrication

    3.The measured data can be analyzed variously and then be output in a graph style and/or stocked in a data logger.




    Regarding the development of a vehicle engine, there has been a saying that the man who controls the lubricant can control the car. However, even so many analyses have been attempted about the lubricating conditions such as the computer simulation analyses until now, the accuracy level of the analysis is low so far. Finally speaking, the experimental analysis is still in the main stream for this theme.

    On the other hand, there have existed various kinds of tribometers such as a 4ball Weld Point testing apparatus(EP test), a Pin-on-Desk Tribometer and a Ball-on-Desk Tribometer etc.

    Until now, however these testing machines are still executed only under modeling condition, so these test conditions are far apart from the actual journal bearing construction, load condition and lubricating condition, and are obliged to be applied for the limited usage such as the development of material, heat treatment and surface treatment etc.

    This product enables to realize the tests with the nearest conditions as much as possible to the actual one such as journal bearing construction, load condition, temperature condition and lubricating condition etc.

    For that purpose, this product is so designed that the journal bearing parts of engine and transmission are extracted from an actual vehicle and mounted on this testing machine.

    This product is the multi-functional tribometer with the following characteristics;

    1. The number of revolution of an axis can be changed on a sine curve until the high speed area.

    2. The radial load can also be changed like the above mentioned condition.

    3. The lubrication (forced, mist, splash), lubricant, object temperature and lubricant pressure etc. can be changed and measured.

    4. The friction coefficient can be analyzed based on the measured data, and a Stribeck curve can be indicated.


    tmj 10 spec

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    Delivery Lead Time:  180 days ex-works

    Target customers:

    Research and development departments of automotive manufacturers (such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, etc.)

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    50% in advance, 40 % FOB (T/T),
    10% within one month after reception inspection

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