Powertrain Incline Test Stand MTU-10 for lubrication system evaluation and efficiency measurement

    Product: Powertrain Incline Test Stand MTU-10

    MTU 10

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    Outline of Incline Test Stand

    This product is used to execute the lubrication system evaluation and efficiency measurement of the powertrain system units of the transportation vehicles (such as cars, motorcycles, constructional vehicles and agricultural vehicles etc.). Here, the powertrain (driveline, drivetrain) means the parts which connect the engine to the driving shaft.

    1. The main components of the test stand (test bench) are a driving and/or torque absorbing motor, an incline mechanism and a slewing mechanism, which enable this test stand to realize various operating postures and operating situations.


    2. If you will input the actual run-pattern data, which have been collected in a test-run course with a data logger, into this test stand, then you can reproduce the operating simulation.

    3. The operating situation data such as torque, number of revolution, oil pressure, oil temperature and vibration etc. can be measured being synchronized together with all optional sensors, and realize a real-time indication, be stored in a data logger and be used for various analysis.

    4. We can provide our customers various kinds of controllers of test objects, lubricant feeders and environmental bathtubs etc. as the options.

    Appealing Points:

    1. This product can easily realize an inclined operating condition for the
    engine and transmission.

    2. This product can be fully utilized for function test, pattern test and endurance test.

    3. This product can be applied for continuous operation and pattern operation optionally, and can realize various conditions during actual running on the bench of the test stand. It has two kinds of specifications, no-load spec. and on-load spec., we can provide many kinds of variations upon customer's requests.


    While a car runs on actual roads, its powertrain units such as an engine and a transmission will be obliged to meet such various inclined circumstances as up and down slopes of mountains, sharp curves, starting and reducing speed.

    Generally speaking, the surface level of the lubricant in a engine and transmission room will keep not a horizontal level but an inclined level when a car is inclined, and so the fuel and lubricant consumption, the exhaust gas concentration and friction (mechanical loss) will be apt to become worse, in the worst case will lead to the seizing and damage of the rotating journal.

    In case of developing a car, engine and transmission, so far, their confirmation tests were executed in the actual vehicle running tests of which conditions were simulated according to the above mentioned circumstances. In that case, the actual vehicle running tests were not necessarily executed beyond the sensual qualitative tests, but were limited within such quantitative grasps after the tests as the quantitative evaluation of the consumption and overhauling.

    This product enables to execute these evaluation tests on a test bench, realizes various running conditions in a laboratory, moreover can grasp the real-time data of oil temperature, oil pressure of each part and friction quantitatively.

    If a CCD camera will be mounted on each part of a test object, you can perform the visual inspection. More over, if an environmental test bathtub will be attached, then you can perform the tests under the circumstances of high and low temperature.

    In addition to the steady-state condition test in which the test bench is inclined by some degree, we can also provide such transient response tests as slalom operation and sudden accelerating and decelerating operation for the operating pattern. Basically these tests are executed under no-load operation, but the on-load operation specification can also be provided with the additional dynamometer upon customer’s request.

    We have delivered the test stands not only for the powertrain unit of an engine and transmission, but also for the actual vehicles such as motorcycles, compact cars and light tractors.


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    Sample availability:  Not Available

    Delivery Lead Time:  180 days ex-works

    Target customers:

     Research and development departments of automotive manufacturers(such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, etc.)

    Payment methods & conditions:

    50% in advance, 40% FOB (T/T),
    10% within one month after reception inspection

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    Name:  Space Creation Co., LTD.

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