Lighting fixtures using Japanese ceramics

    Product: Lighting fixtures using Japanese ceramics by Royal Kutani Satsuma

    ra 753RA-753

    RA-753: J. Yen 88,000 (excluding TAX)
    Body: ceramics, handmade, hand painting
    Shade: YA cloth, PVC
    Designer: Tadaaki Fujita
    Comment: A colorful table lamp decorated with abstract Western flowers

    ra 719RA-719

    RA-719: J. Yen 113,000 (excluding TAX)
    Body: ceramics, handmade, hand painting
    Shade: YB cloth, PVC
    Designer: Susumu Murata
    Comment: A table lamp decorated with hydrangea gives an image of Japanese early summer

    ra 602RA-602

    RA-602: J. Yen 71,000
    Body: ceramics, handmade, hand painting
    Shade BA cloth, PVC
    Designer: Susumu Murata
    Comment: The elegant indigo color is painted by hand on this table lamp 

    ra 592RA-592

    RA-592: J. Yen 129,000
    Body: ceramics, handmade, hand painting
    Shade: Y hard cloth, PVC
    Designer: Mitsutoshi Hashiguchi
    Comment: The phoenix drawn in the center is considered to bring good luck 

    ra 718RA-718

    RA-718: J. Yen 128,000 (excluding TAX)
    Body: ceramics & metals
    Shade: cloth, PVC
    Designer: our company
    Comment: Modern designed table lamp that can blend perfectly with both Japanese and Western atmosphere

    royalSpecially manufactured for the office of The Emperor Hesisei

    For your reference only
    Designer: our company

    PVC = polyvinyl chloride
    Prices are ex-warehouse and do not include tax, transportation and other charges outside Japan, and subject to final confirmation.

    Appealing Points:

    Welcome to the world of exclusive lighting by Royal Kutani Satsuma Co., Ltd., supplier to the Imperial Household of Japan.

    Since 1964, our company has been producing interior lighting fixtures using Kutani ceramic ware, an excellent artisanal product from Kaga, in Komatsu city of Ishikawa prefecture in Japan.

    In addition to the Imperial House, our products have been supplied to some major national institutions and renowned hotels in Japan with their favor such as the State Guest House since1974, the office of The Emperor Heisei since1993, the Prime Minister’s Official Residence since 2007, Hotel Okura, Hotel New Otani, Tokyo Hilton, Conrad Tokyo.

    Internationally, we have caught the attention especially after the establishment of our New York office together with the exhibition gallery on Fifth Avenue, New York in 1976. The “exhibition of lighting fixtures using Japanese ceramics” was highly praised.

    Our interior lighting fixtures are still, until today, crafted by artisans, who create a fusion of history and culture by carefully blending old and new, Japanese and foreign designs, as so-called “Nihon no Wa”, the harmony of Japan, which we are proud to introduce to the world.

    Sample availability:

    Not available

    Delivery Lead Time:

    One to two weeks depending on inventory

    Target customers:

    Buyers and end users seeking Japan-made interior products 

    Payment methods & conditions:

    Payment by wire at Japanese Bank

    Contact Firm:

    Tokyo Sales Office, Royal Kutani Satsuma Co. Ltd.
         2-6-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 163-0290
         Telephone: ++81(0)3-5322-8232
         Fax: ++81(0)3-5322-3233


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