Service: The Japan Kaizen Tour (semiar, training, factory visits) for foreign companies

    The Japan Kaizen Tour (semiar, training, factory visits) for foreign companies

    seminarKaizen Seminar

    trainingKaizen on-site training

    factory visitingFactory visiting tour in Japan

    Our company can provide the employees of the foreign companies with our training programs such as Kaizen seminars, Kaizen on-site training and Factory visiting tour in Japan or abroad.  The training programs are based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) which is the leading facility for structuring and managing the mass-production companies in the world.

    Appealing Points:

    (1) Trainings by veteran consultants from Toyota Motors Group.
    (2)  “Lecture & practice” through participating practical seminars and Kaizen hands-on trainings.
    (3) Rich case studies.
    (4) Factory visiting tour.
    (5) Small size tour groups with 20 persons or less, which can yield substantially best results. 


    The Japan Kaizen Tour has the following five purposes;
    (1) To learn the essentials of Lean Production System.
    (2) To study the other company’s problems and find out the solutions during our case study program.
    (3) To visit the world top class excellent companies and understand the level of managing systems with one’s own senses.
    (4) To learn Japanese cultural features and know where TPS came from.
    (5) Mutual communication among the participants to our seminars is very useful to learn, think and solve the management problems. 

    Why our seminars are Toyota Production System (TPS) oriented;

    TPS has three goals, “Improvement of Quality”, “Improvement of Productivity” and “Minimum Delivery Time”.

    To obtain these goals, TPS puts its top priority on the methods, “Reduction of seven kinds of Muda (Waste)” and “Just in Time during the production process”. 

    The concrete items of seven Muda(Waste) are “Too much products”, “Waiting the jobs from the previous process”, “Transporting”, ”Processing”, “ Too large Stock”, “Movements” and “Defective products”.  “Just in time” is so called “Kanban Method”.

    Hirayama has established its original production system based on TPS’s methods, and is operating our consultation business using its system. 

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    Those companies who seek to learn Toyota Production System (TPS)

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    Name: Overseas Business Manager: Mr. Miyuky Honda, Hirayama Co., Ltd.

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