Ceramic Coating “GAINA” - used in JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

    Product: Energy Saving Ceramic Coating “GAINA”


    Appealing Points:

    "GAINA" is a first "JAXA COSMODE PROJECT" brand product which is applied by Space technology of  "JAXA" (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and is developed and produced by NISSIN SANGYO.

    "GAINA" (Ceramic Coating) can improve various housing environment by painting to the buildings (roof, outside walls, interior walls etc).

    "GAINA" has excellent thermal insulation performance such as cover function, sound proofing, deodorization, and prevention of dew condensation.





     Please see JAXA GAINA page http://aerospacebiz.jaxa.jp/en/success-story/cosmode008/

















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    (Heat Shield) "GAINA" reflects infrared rays of the sunlight which causes heat. The heat, that can not be reflected, controls the heat storage of the building by emitting it as far infrared rays  and can reduce heat to invade the room.

    By painting GAINA on the roof and exterior walls, it reflects the sun’s infrared rays. Also, GAINA can emit the heat as far infrared rays and reduce the amount of energy entering the house.

    Heat prevention

    (Heat Retention) After painting "GAINA" on an interior wall, temperature of a room and "GAINA" painted area is adjusted each other to minimize heat movement, since heat is kept inside of a room, heat effect can be improved.

    (Odor prevention) "GAINA" has characteristic of electrostatic zero, so stain materials such as dust and dirt is hard to attach. It is also hard to float in the air by an effect of far infrared rays emitted from ceramic.

    (Dew Proofing) "GAINA" minimizes movement of the heat. The dew condensation hits the building where warm atmospheric water got cold, while that phenomenon is reduced on "GAINA" coated surface.

    dew prevention

    (Sound Deadening) "GAINA" is multi layered structured special ceramic which looks like a table tennis ball. This ceramic can reduce vibration of the air invaded inside and is effective for a sound proof.

    sound proofing

    (High Durability)  "GAINA"’s multi layered ceramic has the strongest resistance against ultra violet rays and it gives "GAINA" strong durability.


    (Safety) "GAINA" is eco-friendly water-based paint. "GAINA" interior wall  grade acquired F☆☆☆☆.


    Information on ingredients      Content (weight %)
    Titanium dioxide                             15
    White spirit                                    0.3
    Ethylene glycol                               0.14
    Ceramic bead                                 20.0
     Mineral oil                                     0.06
    Acrylics silicone emulsion                 20.5
    Water                                           44
    Total                                             100 

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    Name: Ms Yumi Furuya,  NISSIN SANGYO CO., LTD

    Address: 2-15-7, Sakashita, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 174-0043, Japan

    Phone#: +81-3-5916-4451

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