Flexible Fluorine (ETFE) Resin Tubing hose ... E-SJ(Tubing Type)

    Product: Flexible Fluorine (ETFE) Resin Tubing hose ... E-SJ(Tubing Type)

    e sj Flexible Fluorine (ETFE) Resin Tubing / hose

    Flexible just like Polyurethane TubingFlexible just like Polyurethane Tubing

    Appealing Points:

    With chemical resistance of fluorine resin, it has flexibility as urethane tube does and transparency as Teflon tube does not.

    Transparency, flexibility and chemical resistance (all in one) make E-SJ(Tubing Type)an ideal tube. 


    Usage:  Multipurpose piping such as printing machine, food machine, physics & chemical laboratory and solvent hose.

    Flexibility: Because of the laminated structure, our fluorine resin hoses are superior in flexibility, compared with the conventional fluorine single-layer hoses. Our fluorine resin hoses contribute to improvement in work efficiency.

    Excellent Chemical Resistance: Our fluorine resin hoses are excellent in chemical resistance, because the inner layer is made of fluorine resin (ETFE). They are resistant to most of the chemical substances including solvents such as ketones. (Please refer to chemical resistant data for details.)

    Non-PVC:  Non-PVC material is used as material.

    Non-Adhesiveness: Fluorine resins are characteristic of water-repellant and non-adhesiveness. Fluids are less likely to remain on the inner layer and it is very easy to clean up the hoses.

    High purity: Because the inner layer of the fluorine resin contains very few impurities, elution is almost nothing. It is ideal pipe-transportation of food, beverage and chemicals.

    In Compliance with the Food Sanitation Law:  The inner layer, which is made of fluorine resins, shows non-poisonous properties and conforms to the Food Sanitation Law. (The Notification 201 of the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare).

    Low cost: Because of the laminated structure, we could improve our cost compared with the conventional fluorine tube.

    Transparency: Our fluorine resin hoses are transparent; thus it is easy to check what kind of fluids is flowing inside the hose visibly.

    Adhesiveness of Inner Layer with Outer Layer:  The fluorine resin of the inner layer is firmly bonded to the elastomer of outer layer. Thus when fittings are inserted, fluorine resin of the inner layer does not peel off.


    Inner layer:  Ethylene-Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)
    Outer layer:  Urethane elastomer
    Inner diameter size:  φ2mm ~ φ8mm 

    Sample availability:


    Delivery Lead Time:

    Instant delivery is possible (We have our stock in Japan) 

    Target customers:

    Medicine factory, printing factory, chemical factory, factory of chemical products and semiconductor factory

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    Contact Firm:

    Name: Mr.Yusuke  Makino, Hakko Corp.

    Address: Unity Forum 5F , 1-42-18 , Itabashi , Itabashi-ku, TOKYO 173-0004, Japan

    Phone#: +81- (3) -3963-5381  Fax: +81- (3)-3961-4400

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