Imari tea (green tea, green tea combined roasted brown-rice, roasted green tea) and Imari black tea assortment

    Product:  Imari tea (green tea, green tea combined roasted brown-rice, roasted green tea) and Imari black tea assortment

    Imari teaImari tea leaf type containing 50g ~

    Imari green tea combined roasted brown riceImari green tea combined roasted brown rice containing 100g ~

    Imari powder green tea packageImari powder green tea package containing 50g ~

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    Appealing Points:

    Under the theme of Imari brand, the Imari tea is carefully grown in the mountains at an altitude of about 400m of Imari and the leaves are tended to carefully until harvest in Saga prefecture, Kyushu.

    We provided the original packages of this Imari tea having the taste mellow, refreshing flavor and crystal-green colored, together with Imari black tea made from the green tea leaves fermented. The package is designed by the gorgeous picture based on the tradition and beauty of magnificent Imari brand.

    We have carried out the test tasting in the exhibition ‘Bussan Exhibition’ held in Hong Kong, this gorgeous package, mellow taste and good mouthfeel have been admired well at the test tasting and we have already started the sales of this product in the market of Hong Kong.


    The main cultivation area of Imari tea is located in the north west Saga of Kyushu, and on the side of the upstream Shisa river, altitude about 400m of mountainous high cold areas, and tea plantations spreads in and around Nichinango district of this area.

    This area, the average temperature about 15 ℃ year, annual rainfall is relatively rainfall much as 2000 ~ 2500mm, because of the high cold land rich in cool fog and deep water resources, is developed field of production area in Saga prefecture.

    Since it is located in a lush green mountain, having the clear air and pure water flows, tea leaves can be slowly grown up. Such weather conditions, that there is the large difference in temperature between day and night. The morning deep mist, gives a punch to the fostering of tea. By this misty and cool climate with a refreshing scent of mountain, Imari tea can keep the crystal clear green color and the gentle taste.

    Among them, the tea leaf for our Imari tea is carefully selected as the good balanced sweet and astringent enough, to stick to mellow and rich flavor of tea, to keep the reputation of Imari brand, we are working to improve it and to establish Imari brand.

    There is several type of Imari tea of our handling sauch as leaf type, tea bag type, a powder green tea, brown rice tea, roasted tea. Our Imari tea was awarded two stars in 2014ITQI (International Taste & Quality Institute).


    Also, you can find Imari black tea with mellow sweetness made by fermenting Imari green tea, there is a leaf type and tea bag type of Imari black tea.


    Imari green tea packages of leaf type containing 100g ~

    Imari green tea packages of tea-bag type containing 3g × 10 pieces ~, 5g × 12 pieces ~

    Imari powder green tea package containing 50g ~

    Imari green tea combined roasted brown rice containing 100g ~

    Imari roasted green tea (Hojicha) containing 50g ~

    Imari tea leaf type containing 50g ~

    Imari tea tea-bag type containing 2g × 10 pieces teabags~

    Sample availability:

    After certain consultation, we will be able to give some samples of products.

    Delivery Lead Time:

    Usually ready to dispatch about 1 week to 3 weeks after firm order and our receipt of firm order and 100% advanced payment, Depending on the volume of orders, it is also requested to consider taking more time of delivery. 

    Target customers:

    Our target is to find the distributer. Please make sure your possibility of such role.

    Payment methods & conditions:

    100% of advanced payment by T/T remittance to our account through bank 

    Contact Firm:

    Name: Ms Lohr Miyuki, Chakouan Yamaguchi Seichaen Co., Ltd

    Address: 45 Hasuike-cho, Imari-city, Saga, Japan 848-0042

    Phone#: + 81-0-955-23-2817


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