Imari Honoka (3 kinds of tea, green tea, green tea combined roasted brown rice with deep green tea Matcha input and black tea)

    Product:  Imari Honoka (3 kinds of tea, green tea, green tea combined roasted brown rice with deep green tea Matcha input and black tea)

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    Appealing Points:

    In the special colorful can based on the Japanese traditional craft of Imari, we set green tea, black tea, roasted brown rice tea with a rich flavor and mellow taste rich. Since these are tea bag type of tea, at any time easily, you can enjoy tea with the aroma and taste of subtle and it is also recommended to use as a little souvenir and a return gift.


    We organized such a project for targeting women as the gorgeous package combining Japanese green tea and black tea, we produced "Imari Honoka". We realized collaboration with a traditional crafts "Imari" which is one of local specialties and could produce the original package gift using the design of the traditional pattern of Imari.

    There are 3 kinds of tea assorted, green tea having classical style and popularity, green tea combined,roasted brown rice with deep green Matcha input having rich fragrant flavor, and black tea having mellow sweet. Since these tea are tea bag type, you can enjoy them easily at any time.

    In addition, assorted 3 kinds of tea such gift box type received good reputation as a souvenir and a return gift. In certain local supermarkets in Hong Kong, it has been adopted for a gift set combined with some fruit. 


    Imari Honoka green tea  2g × 8 pieces of tea bags

    Imari Honoka black tea  2g × 8 pieces of tea bags

    Imari Honoka green tea combined roasted brown rice with deep green tea Matcha input  2g × 8 pieces of tea bags

    Imari Honoka assorted 3 kinds of tea (wooden gift box type) 

    Sample availability:

    After certain consultation, I will be able to give some samples. 

    Delivery Lead Time:

    Usually ready to dispatch about 1 week to 3 weeks after our receipt of firm order and 100% advanced payment, Depending on the volume of orders, it is requested to consider taking more time of delivery. 

    Target customers:

    Our target is to find the distributers. Please make us sure your capability of such role. 

    Payment methods & conditions:

    100% of advanced payment by T/T remittance toour account through bank 

    Contact Firm:

    Name: Ms Lohr Miyuki, Chakouan Yamaguchi Seichaen Co., Ltd

    Address: 45 Hasuike-cho, Imari-city, Saga, Japan 848-0042

    Phone#: + 81-0-955-23-2817

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