KOUFUKUCHA (Mouth Happiness Tea) Series Japanese Tea blended with herbal medicines

    Product: KOUFUKUCHA Series

    KOUFUKUCHA series is Japanese Tea blended with herbal medicines. There are 3 kinds in the series; GAN-FUKUCHA; ON-FUKUCHA; and SOU-FUKUCHA.

    1) GAN-FUKUCHA (Eye Happiness Tea)for Eye and Liver

    1ganfuku tea
    It will keep your eyes and livers healthy. It is considered in Oriental Medicine that eyes and liver are somehow related.
    Herbal medicines blended: Perillas, Hub Tea, Wolfberry, Rose Red, Chrysanthemum

    2) ON-FUKUCHA (Warm Happiness Tea) for Blood Circulation

    2onfuku tea
    It will works to warm your body and to promote blood circulation.
    Herbal medicines blended: Perrillas, Bear-Bamboo-Grass, Eucommia –Bark-Leaves, Rose Red

    3) SOU-FUKUCHA (Slender Happiness Tea) for Diet

    3soufuku tea
    It helps you lose your weight.
    Herbal medicines blended: Eucommia –Bark-Leaves, Pu-er Tea, Bear-Bamboo-Grass, Job's Tears, Perillas, Rose Red, Dried Citrus


    Herbal Medicines blended in KOUFUKUCHA series and their expected effects

    Eucommia-Bark-Leaves are known to be good for hypotension , arteriosclerosis prevention, anti-stress, and decrease of cholesterol and fat.

    5 shiso
    Perillas is known to be effective for promotion of blood circulation, pain relief, and de-toxicant of fish and meat.

    -Rose Red
    6 rosered
    Rose Red is known to be good for blood circulation, better digestion, and sedation.

    Bear Bamboo Grass is known to be effective for blood making and blood circulation by chlorophyl and to improve immunity.

    8 kuko
    Wolfberry is known to be effective for recovery from exhaustion, relief of headaches, and keeping skin healthy.

    9 kiku
    Chrysanthemum is known to be effective for the alleviation of fever, sedation, hypotension, and decreasing cholesterol levels.

    -Hub Tea
    10 habucha
    Hub tea is known to be effective for diuresis, eyestrain, and hypotension.
    -Pu-erh Tea (Black tea)
    11 Pu er
    Pu-erh Tea is after-fermentation-tea. It prevents fat absorption and helps in fat burning.

    -Job's Tear
    12 hatomugi
    Job's Tear is known to work for improving dropsy , soothing skin, warts and body pain.

    -Dried Citrus
    13 chinpi
    Dried Citrus peel is effective for promotion of digestion, function of the stomach and intestines, removal of phlegm, sedation of hiccup and vomiturition, nausea. It contains pectin, citric acid and flavone glycoside, and vitamin B1.


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