KUROTIKARA (Power of Black) a Nutritious Beverage of medical herbs for your health and long life

    Product: KUROTIKARA - Nutritious Beverage for your heath

    KUROTIKARA・・Medical Herbs and Nutritional Drink for power-up, health and long life

    KUROTIKARA・・Medical Herbs and Nutritional Drink for power-up, health and long life

    ≪Welcome to WAKANZEN World≫

    People in the present age are suffering from decreasing immunity due to various factors such as changes of environment and life style, agricultural chemicals, artificial additives to foods etc. Health is indispensable for you to enjoy your life.

    Try WAKANZEN products which provide you with vigor, energy and power.
    You will be pleasantly surprised with the taste and feel your body conditions will improve because of the immunity activated by the WAKANZEN products. 

    ≪What is WAKANZEN?≫

    Under the oriental concept of  'ISHOKU DOGEN' (Eat Well To Be Well), herbal medicines have been utilized for nearly 3000 years in China as medicines and additives of meals for health and a long life. This is called YAKUZEN or Chinese food therapy.  This concept was introduced to Japan more than 1,300 years ago. Since then, it has been developed as KANPO, natural herbal medicines with original ingredients and Japanese recipes so as to be suitable to the Japanese climate as well as the constitution of the Japanese people in Japan.   

    In line with the YAKUZEN concept in China, WAKANZEN was created 30 years ago by Ms. Keiko Itakura, President of Mentor Foods Ltd, and the First Qualified Scholar of Herbal Medicines in Japan, under the new concept of 'KANPO'”, “Japanese traditional meals with herbal medicines”.

    WA & ZEN means "Japanese" and "meals"
    The traditional Japanese meals has been registered as a UNESCO’s intangible cultural World Heritage recently, since the way of cooking based on the fresh food for people's healthy life and the beauty of the meal arrangement with various kinds of dishes at each seasons are highly prized.

    KAN stands for KANPO, the herbal medicines used in the Japanese recipe of medical herbs. some of which are grown in Japan, under strict management and food safety controls.

    WAKANZEN is a conbination of traditional Japanese meals and herbal medicines which originated in China. WAKANZEN will keep you healthy and  prevent you from being sick by the herbal medicines suitable for your body conditions

    We would like to introduce you to WAKANZEN products containing the herbal medicines for your health and long life.

    It works for you!

    1. Try KUROCHIKARA before or after you exercise for better conditioning and energy.
    2. Immediate effects can be gained for balancing of body conditions and recovery from fatigue from the various medicinal herbs contained.
    3. What Users say:
      Mr.T. Nakao
      item kuro3
      KUROTIKARA has a very good taste! It gives me energy.

      item kuro4
      KUROTIKARA is the source of my energy. I always keep it in stock.

      item kuro5
      I need vigor, energy and vitality to live a fulfilling life. KUROTIKARA gives me the vigor, energy, and vitality. It is better to drink KUROTIKARA before you get tired- Prevention is important.

      Women are interested in medical herbs for their health and beauty. KUROJIKARA will be welcomed more since it has anti-oxidative effect, which keeps the body healthy  

      Thanks to KUROTIKARA,I have energy and recovered from the bad body conditions of catching cold. It is a bit expensive, however, I would continue to take it.

      I have been losing physical strength. I tried many things but in vain.
      However, KUROTIKARA works very much, gaving me energy. I brought KUROTIKARA to Paris and kept drinking one bottle a day for two weeks there. I could enjoy the stay in Paris.


    Catapillar Fungus

    2 touchuukasou

    Catapillar Fungus is known as an excellent source of power to human and is said to effectively:
    - remove active oxygen and strengthen the immunity as an anti-aging hormone
    - keep high moisture retention and freshness of the skin
    - enhance enzyme production ability, and purify the blood

    Solomon’s Seal
    Solomon's seal is known to provide nutrition, increase your physical power and mitigate dryness of the mouth due to diabetes.

    3 narukoyuri

    Hawthom or May bush
    Hawthom is known to be good for preventing obesity, supporting digestion, sedative action, cardiotonic aciton, and lipolysis action.


    Wolfberry is known to be good for fatigue recovery, headache mitigation, and fair smooth skin.

    5 kukonomi

    Jujube is known to be good for hematopoiesis calmness of mind, pain relief for muscle and body.


    Other Raw Materials
    Fermented plant extracts from 75 ingredients, as follows:
    35 kinds of vegetables and field and mountain grasses such as carrot, curcuma longa,24 kinds of fruits such as Japanese plum ,blueberry,5 kinds of sea weeds such as sea cabbage, hijiki(brown alga),5 kinds of grains such as soybean, brown rice,4 kinds of mushrooms,2 kinds of sugars such as beet sugar

    Galacto-oligo-saccharide syrup, apple concentration fruit juice, and vitamin C, (Note:  Apples, peaches, kiwi fruit, and soybeans are used as ingredients.)


    • Content volume; 50ml/bottle
    • Herbal Medicines and 5000 mg of fermented plants(75 kinds) are contained
    • Price: 1,500 Yen per bottle(Minimum order: 1 dozen)
               Air Freight : at actual cost
    • How to take;
      Please shake the bottle before drinking as some of the ingredients may settle.


    Available with freight cost born by Buyer 

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