HANDHELD PUNCH for visual punching and metal foil / thin film, made in Japan

    Product: HANDHELD PUNCH for visual punching and metal foil / thin film

    World class ultra precise dies, Handy punching tools for metal foil and thin film are made by Nogamigiken Co., Ltd.

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    Appealing Points:

    Punching metal foil or thin film with a thickness of 0.005mm and up without burrs, deformation, peeling or contamination, with outstanding sharpness of the punched sheets. In addition to these strong points, the following….

    handheld punch

    1. Long service life for precise punching, and high efficiency of testing work and fewer occurrences of defective pieces can be secured with ultra precise die technology of our company.
    2. Easy positioning of a foil or film to be punched and easy checking of the quality of the punched pieces through visually hand–punching work.
    3. A variety of punching shapes are available in round, rectangular and odd shape, with the sizes controlled to the minimum units of 0.01mm, and the minimum corner radius of 0.2mm.
    4. The compact design is easy to handle, even by small or delicate hands. The weight of the punch body is approximately 200g. Light weight was achieved through the design placing top priority on ease-of -work. The handheld punch is also ideal for the punch work inside a glove box.


    Do you have any troubles with punching metal foil or thin film of various kinds of material? The products of Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. can provide you the good solution for:

    (1) Punching cleanly
    (2) Precise punching in trial and small lot production
    (3) Punching easily and conveniently

    Application example:  Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes

    Case 1: For punching lithium ion coin battery electrodes in a small lot production or trial at a laboratory or research institute, our products can prevent burrs and peeling that may happen with ordinary tools.

    with handheld punch

    Case 2: The weight of each punching sample can be controlled within 0.001g, so the amount of material applied can be precisely measured.

    without handheld punch

    This feature can omit the intermediate testing process, and can measure directly on the coating line.


    General Names of this tool:
     “Hand punch”, “Punching jigs”, “Cutting jigs” “Stamping jigs”, “Film punch jigs”, “Stamping dies”, “Super precision jigs” “precision jigs dies” “ Handy punching tools” etc.  
    Applicable Materials:
    Metal foil such as Al, Cu, Ni, Stainless Steel, Mo, Au Resin film such as PT, PE, PI, PP, PET, FRP Ceramic film

    Weight of this tool: approximately 200g

    Sample availability:

    Contact us.

    Lead Time:

    normally 3 weeks after the confirmation of advanced payment until delivering to the customer’s transporter at the factory (Ex-works) 

    Main customers:

    Automotive Industry        
    Electronic Industry, Semiconductor Manufacturers
    Medical Instrument Manufacturers
    Battery Manufacturers 
    Research laboratory and institute of technology

    Payment methods & conditions:

    100% payment in advance in Japanese Yen(¥) by T/T

    Contact Firm:

    Name: Nogamigiken Co., Ltd.

    Address: 136-3, Izumi, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, 319-2144 Japan

    Phone #: +81-295-53-2188   
    Fax #: +81-295-53-1228

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