PUPPY Co., Ltd. - safety toys for babies and little kids to enjoy playing

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    Puppy's Concept


    “Mommy・・・・Look at this!”
    “How nice you are! ”
    Dreaming that such a world will expand,
    for baby’s smile,
    PUPPY is continuing to produce baby goods.

    Company Name:  PUPPY Co., Ltd.

    Founded: April, 1966

    Address: 464-1, Minamiohkuwa, Kazo-city, Saitama Pref., 347-0015,Japan

    Phone: +81 480-65-8802

    Business Domain:

    Manufacturing and Selling of Toys and Playing goods

    Product Names:

    ball house2Enjoy Ball House

    ball hose tent2Ball House Tent Set

    ball pool2Colorful Ball Pool

    kids tent2Kids Tent

    s1Safety Ball Made In Japan

    hello kitty baby chair2Hello Kitty Baby Chair

    baby walker2La Baby Walker X

    jumping board pink2Jumping Board Pink

    book shell toy box2Book Shell Toy Box

    giraffe slide2Giraffe Type Slide

    Product description:

    PUPPY produces necessary toy goods for babies and little kids to grow with enjoy. PUPPY provides safety toys for babies and little kids to enjoy playing. The toys other than Safety Ball of Made-In-Japan are planned and designed by us, and manufactured outside of Japan under our manufacturing consignment.

    PUPPY is now looking for large scale business counterparts such as foreign trading company, agent, large scale toy shop etc. outside of Japan as our new sales channel.

    Main Customers:

    ・Toysrus Japan
    ・PIP CO., LTD.
    ・Shimamura Co., Ltd.
    ・M and M Co., Ltd.
    ・KATOJI Co., Ltd.

    Contact Person:

    President Takao Inukai

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