Sano Kiko Co. for Security Tools and Equipment manufacturing

    Sano Kiko Co.

    Our company started to operate sales and maintenance business for factory equipment on 1st, October, 1966. Since then, it has developed into such a scale of company with the manufacturing department for the prototypes of flat spring, thin steel sheet and press work dominating 70% of the gross sales and with the sales department dominating 30% of the gross sales respectively.

    Recently, making use of our technical ability of software and hardware on development, proposal, design, manufacturing and mass-production, and our one-stop system of the craftsmanship, we are meeting our customer's requests on delivery time, quality and cost flexibly.

    In addition, we are responding to our customer's requirements such as“Please manufacture one of a kind item of jig and tool.”, “We have this kind of idea, could you realize this idea in an actual form?” and so on. In order to respond to such a need to design some original products, mass-products, packing and flyers for selling them, we are banded together to help and assist our customers systematically and are enjoying such a development work.

     press machinesPress machines  Machining center for making press moldsMachining center for making press molds

    We welcome even your handwritten sketch, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

    Company Name: Sano Kiko Co

    Founded: October 1st, 1966

    Address: 170-4 Imaizumi-cho, Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi-Prefecture, 321-0962, Japan

    Phone: +81-285-82-4522 (Sales Department)

    Business Domain:

      Security Tools and equipment

        Main Customers
       1)Police office, Coast guard
       2)Security guard company
       6)City office

    Product Names:

    In one blow catching gears “Catch Master Pro” series for depriving a trespasser of his freedom of movement during several minutes made of special flat springs.

    1) “CERBERUS

    This gear consists of SASUMATA (ordinary baton) and special head.


       CERBERUS hanged on a wall      Head of it

    2) “SASUMATA”

    Ordinary push and catch baton for depriving a trespasser of his freedom of movement during several minutes.

    sasumata         SASUMATA                Head of it

    3) “KONG”


    KONG shall be equipped with three Cerberus heads on it. Hit         and        Catch

    4) “NAGINATA”

    NAGINATA consists of a straight baton and a CERBERUS head fixed at the top of the baton. This shape and handling style look like Japanese halberd “NAGINATA”.

    naginataHead of NAGINATA                            Blow a leg or arm and pull

    5) “BENKEI”

    Special Control Baton that consists of SASUMATA and a special head with two horns to hook a leg or arm of a trespasser and pull him down.

    benkei        Head of BENKEI         BENKEI

    6) “Ligare”

    LigareAttachment for easy and speedy rope work to fix ropes without binding, and to loosen ropes without cutting. 

    Contact Person:

    Name: Mr.Takemitsu Sano

    Division: Managing Director

    Phone#: +81- (0)285-82-4522
    Fax #: +81-(0)285-83-8654

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