Space Creation Co., Ltd.-Test System for R&D on Transportation Vehicles


    Our main products are “Test systems for research and development of Transportation Vehicles”.

    Our company philosophy is “Not Production, But Creation”. Namely, we are managing our company on the base of putting our weight upon always creating new values rather than manufacturing ordinary products.

    From the time of establishment, we have been operating our business with strong particularity about creativity.

    Our company name, Space Creation, means “Through manufacturing compact systems with high functions, we will create the new office space (time and space) for our customers”, and in the other words, we named our company with such a big ambition as creating the space (the Universe).

    Company Name:  Space Creation Co., Ltd.

    Founded:  February, 1987

    Address:  1341-1 Zora-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-City, Shizuoka-Prefecture, 432-8062, Japan

    Phone:  +81-53-447-2755

    Business Domain:

    ・Developing, manufacturing and selling the test systems for research and development of Transportation Vehicles
      1.For vehicles (private and commercial cars)
         (1)For powertrain use
         (2)For HEV/EV/FCV use
         (3)For the parts of safety operation system use
      2.For motorcycles
            (1)For powertrain use
            (2)For the parts of safety operation systems use
        3.For constructional and agricultural vehicles
            (1)For powertrain use
        4.For ship use machines
            (1)For powertrain use


    Product Names:

    (1)Powertrain incline test stand MTU-10
         ・Application: vehicles/motorcycles/constructional vehicles/ agricultural vehicles
         ・Test object: engine / transmission
         ・Test items: Lubrication system evaluating test / Efficiency  measuring test/ Actual running simulation

    MTU 10

    (2)Torque circulation type powertrain test stand MRP-10
        ・Application: vehicles/motorcycles/constructional vehicles/ agricultural vehicles
        ・Test object: engine/ transmission/differential unit/gears/CVT etc.
        ・Fatigue strength endurance test /Efficiency measuring test

    MRP 10

    (3)Journal bearing type tribometer TMJ-10
        ・Application: vehicles/motorcycles/construction vehicles/ agricultural vehicles
        ・Test object: roller bearing/slide bearing (metal)
        ・Test items: Efficiency measuring test/Lubrication system evaluation test, Fatigue strength, endurance test

    TMJ 10a


    Main Customers:

    Large car manufacturers (such as Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, Daihatsu etc.)

    Large auto-parts manufacturers (such as Bridgestone, Yazaki parts, Enshu, Futaba industry, Aishin Precision, NSK/ Nittodenko etc.)

    Large constructional /agricultural vehicle manufacturers (such as Yamaha engine, Yamaha marine etc.)

    Large machine dealers(such as Moritani, Meishinkoki, Yamanaka sangyo, Toyotatsusho etc.)

    Contact Person:

    President Office: Mr. Kuniaki Aoki
    Phone: +81-53-447-2755 (Local call : 053-447-2755)


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