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    Certified mark of “Good Job” by “Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare”hirayama mark

    Company Name: Hirayama Co., Ltd.

    Founded: Year of 1955

    Address: A-place Shinagawa Fl-6, 1-8-40 Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan

    Phone: +81-3-5783-3571    Fax: +81-3-5783-3572

    Business Domain:

    Our company consists of the following five business domains, and holds “Superior Manufacturing Contractor Certification No.2010001(02)/2010” given by “Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare”.  Our company is now operating these business activities not only in Japan, but also in Vietnam and Thailand. 

    The strong points of our business domains;

    (1) Consulting business for Genba-Kaizen (Lean Production system)

    • Consultation practically matched to the customer’s on-site situation.
    • Making use of each idea to the next stage.
    • Establishing the original improvement system based on TPS (Toyota Production System).
    • Countermeasures against the problems occurring on the oversea business.

    (2) Contracting business for outsourcing the manufacture

    • Outsourcing system co-operating with the consulting business domain.
    • Arranging the exclusive outsourcing team as if it belongs to customer’s own company organization.
    • Training the excellent manpower through three kinds of training systems such as “Skill training”, “Solo-flight training” and “On-site level up training” of the outsourcing manpower.

    (3)Worker dispatching and manpower introduction business

    • Dispatching personnel for a shorter period of demand, and introducing a personnel for the demand of the regular manpower.     

    (4)Dispatching business for Development and Design engineers

    • Possessing many immediate assets in our company.
    • Personnel for all kinds of business domains and all kinds of contract styles.
    • Excellent personnel with a strong desire to improve its own ability.

    (5) Manpower training business

    • Wide range of training by veteran trainer team.
    • Order-made seminar upon the customer’s request.
    • Seeking the improved supporting system for the work-analysis and improving tools such as “Time Prism”.  

    Product Names:

    Service activity name:
                      The Japan Kaizen Tour

    Our customer: Lixil Group
                           Toppan Group
                           Toto Group
                           Thermo Group
                           Toyota Motors Group
                           Ricoh Group
                           Mitsubishi Group

    Contact Person:

    Overseas Business Manager: Mr. Miyuky Honda, Hirayama Co., Ltd.
    Phone Number: +81-80-5688-7819 

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