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    Company Name:

    Founded: Year of 1970

    Address: 1136-3, Izumi, Hitachiomiya-City, Ibaraki, 319-2144  Japan

    Phone: +81-295-53-2188  

    Fax: +81-295-53-1228

    The strong points of our company:

    Our company is underpinned by the following technologies that have been consistently developed by ourselves and accumulated, and taken over to the next generations;

    (1) Precise machining technology with parallelism and perpendicularity tolerance of 0.0005mm

    1 1 FNCN0362

    1 2 master block

    (2) Ultra-precise grinding technology by manual feeling sensitively responding to the surface roughness of 1micron

    2 1 ENCN0116

    2 2 CNCN0084

    (3) Jigs and dies with minimum clearance of 2 microns

    3 1 DSC4052

    3 2 DSC00545

    (4) Grinding technology for improving the flatness of surface after wire-cut EDM

    4 1 DSC3931

    4 2 DSC4097


    1. Micro-crack detected near the surface after wire-cut EDM        
    2. Delete the micro-crack detected near the surface after wire-cut EDM by grinding the surface

    (5) Know-how for selecting material, heat treating and surface hardening

    5 1 DSC3746

    5 2 DSC3728

    (6) One-stop production from development, design up to manufacture in our own company

    6 1 DSC4324

    6 2 DSC3832

    (7) Make-to-order of various jigs and maintenance for them

    7 1 DSC4398

    7 2 DSC4415

    (8) Manufacturing press dies and progressive dies in our own factory

    8 1 DSC4148

    8 2 DSC4201

    (9) Application of CAD/CAM system that underpins our high precision and minute press machine technology

    9 1 DSC3856

    9 2 DSC4307

    (10) Application of Quality Control System based on ISO9001


    (11) Quality granting to our products during each in-line manufacturing process

    11 1 PICT0077 

    11 2 DSC4376

    (12) High-degree measurement techniques by our engineers

    12 1 DSC02650

    12 2 DSC02585

    (13) Film punching jigs and various kinds of unitary jigs

    Handheld punch

    13 1 DSC4420 handheld punch

    13 2 FNCN0361 handheld punch


    13 3 FNCN0325 SS Splicer

    Desktop Die

    13 4 DSC02457 desktop die

    Mass Production Stamping Dies

    13 5 DSC01695 Mass Production Stamping Dies

    13 6 DSC4399 Mass Production Stamping Dies

    (14) Punching dies and cutting jigs for Lithium-ion battery electrodes, they have long service life of 1 million shots of punching without burrs, solidification or contamination.

    Based on the technology of Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. which can manufacture a standard right angle block with the parallelism and perpendicularity tolerance of 0.0005mm, our company provides you our precision dies fully equipped with Nogami’s know-how of precise blade technology and design and manufacturing technology of in-line press dies.

    14 1 LIB

    14 2 DSC00537

    Other company's Quality

    14 3 company

    Nogami Giken Quality

    14 4 NOGAMI

    14 5 chojyumei kanagata

    (15) Record of awards
    Year of 2013, at the 25th Awards for Outstanding New Technologies and Products by Small and Medium Enterprises, our “Handheld Punch” received “Honorable Mention Award” from Resona Foundation and Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper Company.


    15 1 prise

    Business Domain:

    Designing and Manufacturing of
       Precision Jigs & Dies
       Precise Cutting Tools
       Ultra-precise Punching Dies
       Progressive Press Processing
       Medical Instruments
    underpinned by ultra-precise grinding technology

    Product Names:

    HANDHELD PUNCH for visual punching and metal foil / thin film, made in Japan

    Contact Person:

    Mr.Fushimi Kanae
    phone: +81-295-53-2188

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